Excellence at

Installation, service,

Preventive maintenance

and corrective maintenance

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We sell original spare parts and accessories to speed up the repair process and maximise the use of your equipment.

We care about you

We take care of your pocket. All our projects are ethically and professionally thought out with your budget and complete satisfaction in mind.


We have a network of installers in various cities, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So we do not depend on third parties, allowing us to avoid delays and take control of your projects, taking charge from start to finish.

At ConfortSmart we have all the technical and human resources to carry out any work of installation of air conditioning. If you are planning to change residential, commercial or industrial air, from corrective and preventive maintenance, do not hesitate and ask us what we can advise you on.

Our maintenance work allows us to detect any possible problems in time and remedy them. In this way we will ensure that your equipment continues to work as it should and you can enjoy a good indoor temperature during the warmer months. And minimise the cost of repair by carrying out a timely service.